First Apps from VIERA Connect Developer Portal

Today we are pleased to announce that the first application from Developers Portal -- Brain Trainer, which developed by Kitmaker Entertainment S.A, is now in the VIERA Connect Market.*

Join with the Brain trainer and improve your bran skills , your memory , your logic, your maths, play and be better day after day trining your brain.

Together with this, 4 new Apps* have also been released from Accedo Broadband AB var this Portal.

Black Jack Royale ZapTap

Moggles Cosmox

VIERA Connect, which is available in approximately 100 countries around the world since spring this year, is  a platform optimized  for a wide range of IPTV Apps, such as Video & Movie, Music, Sports, Games, Social Networking, Health & Fitness. And the newly launched Application will use the market leading position of VIERA Connect to leverage sales revenue to its developers.


* These paid Apps are currently available in the US only.