About Panasonic IPTV Apps DEVELOPERS

Q1. What is the purpose of this web site?

It is a public web site, which provides the following assistance to Panasonic's IPTV Apps Developers:

- Access to Panasonic's IPTV Apps platform API and technical assistance to enable them to develop for Panasonic's IPTV Apps platform

- Registration to enable Apps to be sold/published in Panasonic's IPTV Apps Market


Q2. Why should I develop applications on Panasonic's IPTV Apps Platform?

The Panasonic's IPTV Apps platform is Panasonic's multimedia rich platform, specifically optimized for large screen HDTVs. Panasonic's IPTV Apps opens the doors to an unprecedented wealth of entertainment, as well as enabling developers to develop Apps, which:

- Quick to launch with responsive GUI

- Highly animated with vivid graphics transitions

- Have full HD rendering

- Support 3D Graphics

- Have a compact code footprint

- Cloud-based IPTV service where applications existsin the cloud, no need to download them on the TV


Q3. What services are provided in the Portal?

Technical assistance and guidelines on creating rich, innovative applications for the Panasonic's IPTV Apps platform. In the portal you can find all the necessary documentation, application guidelines, major components, platform features, as well as recommendations for the best use of API for delivering rich multimedia apps for the Panasonic's IPTV Apps platform.


Q4. What are the requirements before I get started with building an application?

The prerequisites for building an application are:

1. Panasonic IPTV device (TV or Blu-ray) (Please click here for the models)

2. Development PC

  • APACHE web server installed to serve up the code to the TV

3. Local network connecting TV and Development PC

4. Panasonic's IPTV Apps DEVELOPERS Basic/Premium Account.

Please refer to Development Environment Setup for the development envrionment architecture.


Q5. Who can join the Developer Portal?

Anyone who agrees with Developer Portal's terms and agreements in the developer portal.


Q6. Is there a fee required to join the Developer Portal?

Yes. There is an annual membership fee. Membership classes and their respective fees are as follows

1) Basic $129

2) Premium $599

For details please refer to the Getting started section of the developer portal.


Q7. What is the difference between Technical Evaluation and Commercial Development?

Technical Evaluation Account holders can get access to the development documentation for 180 days only. Commercial Development Account holders are able to formally develop the Panasonic IPTV application and receive comprehensive technical support during the development.

For details please refer to the Getting started section of the developer portal.


Q8. What is the difference between Basic and Premium Account?

In addition to the standard offering of getting access to Panasonic's IPTV Apps platform API, technical documentation and application submission, Premium Account holders can get fast track QA process.

For details please refer to the Getting started section of the developer portal.


Q9. What are the benefits to the developers?

- Streamlined process and shorter time to market for Applications

- Quick and convenient technical development support

- Possibility to reach a wider audience, thus generating addtional revenue through an additional distribution channel.


Q10. What contents/services are targeted?

We are interested in any content, which will enrich the TV and Blu-ray experience, but in particular following the contents are suitable for Panasonic IPTV devices

- Video (including VOD and Catchup services)

- Music

- Sports

- Games

- Social Networking

- Kids

- etc


Q11. Where can the applications be deployed?

Free apps can be deployed to all countries with Panasonic's IPTV services. 

Paid or subscription based apps using developer’s own payment system can be deployed to all countries with Panasonic IPTV services.


Q12. What are the Target Devices?

Please cick here for the compatible models.


Q12. In which countries (or territories) can developers join?

The program is available to all developers worldwide as long as they adhere to Panasonic terms and Conditions and have access to the Panasonic's IPTV Apps Development environment.


Q13. What program languages are supported by Panasonic's IPTV Apps Platform?

Applications are written either in HTML5 or JavaScript. For JavaScript, it has to be running in a Non-browser JavaScript Engine.

Please refer to the HTML5 API for for details on what is supported in Panasonic's IPTV HTML5 implementation.


Q14. How do I setup my Remote Control App for iOS devices?

Please refer to the "How to use" section of this link.


Q15. Why do I get Error Code 200 when I try to access the Panasonic's IPTV Apps DEVELOPERS (SDK app) in my device?

This means your authentication to use the App for development purpose has failed.

It could mean that you have not registered for commercial development or your developer account for commercial development has expired.

Please refer to this link for more details.


Q16. How do I upgrade my account from Technical Evaluation to a Commercial Developer?

To upgrade your account from a Technical Evaluation to a Commercial Developers, please follow the below steps:

1. Log into your account
2. Go to  “Control Panel” > "Manage Profile"
3. Click the Upgrade icon and follow the onscreen instructions

Q17. How do I access old SDK (i.e. HTML5 & AJAX-CE) information/API?

Please cick here for old SDK information and compatible models.