Getting Started

Panasonic's IPTV Apps platform provides various business opportunities for your content and innovation. Being a member will enable you to distribute your applications across the world, extending your service to worldwide users of Panasonic IPTV devices.

Account Comparison

We offer 2 types of accounts: Technical Evaluation and Commercial Development

Features Technical Evaluation Commercial Development
Basic Premium
Access to API and technical documentation
Tutorials to start developing an application
Application guidelines
Various sample code
Develop applications
(Access to Developers Application)
Comprehensive technical support and assitance  
Submit application  
Application QA  
Possibilities for fast track QA process    
Registration Fee Free $129 $599
Account Expiration 180 days Yearly Renewal Yearly Renewal


How to Register

Technical Evaluation Account

Before signing up for commercial Development, you can register for a Technical Evaluation account to perform technical evaluation of Panasonic's IPTV Apps platform.


Commercial Development Account

To start development, you can register for a Commercial Development account and start to develop for Panasonic TVs and Blu-ray devices.



How to Submit your Application

After you have completed your development, you can follow these simple steps to submit your Apps to be evaluated by our QA team.


For detail app submission process, please refer to the page "Submitting Apps for QA".


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